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    Hi, I've been drawing for a few years, but I feel like recently I've stopped improving. I usually draw in pencil with a mix of drawing from photos, from imagination, and, when I can, drawing from life (usually my own hand or objects around me). I'm not sure how exactly to push myself next to keep improving, I started drawing only with pen but aside from figuring out how to crosshatch it doesn't feel very outside of my comfort zone. Does anyone have suggestions? It would be very appreciated, thank you.

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    I'd like to see some of your practice works so I can help. Also, what do you usually draw?


    Get out of your comfort zone to improve. Try new media, pencils, conté. Do you do gesture drawing? If not then get on it.


    Have a go at different mediums or even try a few art challenges. Ask yourself.. What do I draw loads and what am I good at? Then try and do that with a new medium

    I myself felt just like you as a beginner yet I tried a couple of mediums and now am much more excited by art due to the variety and that everyone's drawings or paintings are unique!! You keep doing what you love and certainly try something new


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