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    I don't have access to a teacher, how do I study? I have books and I've been using this website to gesture draw.

    Currently, I'm trying to figure out how the shoulders, neck, and torso are all proportioned and connected. My book helps because it has diagrams of bones and muscles and such, but mostly in standing positions. I don't know how to start "studying"... right now, what I do is use the references given on this site and draw them, then try and see how the bones and such underly (ie, looking to see where the shoulder girdle is, sketching it underneath, looking for it in the models). But I feel stuck. I don't know what I'm doing.

    Any advice on how to study anatomy? Is there a way I should go about it? Let's assume I can't get a teacher, class, or course and must be self-driven.

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    Nice to meet you.

    It is good to study anatomy by drawing!

    But I guess, the reason for practicing is that you want to make some illustrations.

    I often make works separately from practice.

    Imagine and output muscles and bones at the rough and conceptual stages.

    At that time, I will focus on learning what I do not understand when practicing, and draw illustrations again.

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