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    Particularly, legs in a neutral, standing position. I can draw them in most other positions fine. I also have difficulty connecting legs to hips/a torso and making it look natural rather than artificial and "stiff". I've tried sketching from photos several times, but it's pretty hard to find good references. Does anybody know of any sites or somewhere I can easily find references of people standing without posing in any way (this is the problem with Google Images)?

    I'm also looking for tips on how to draw legs better. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Legs are tricky! I also find standing positions to be hard. The problem is that most neutral standing poses are by nature quite stiff looking, as their neutrality basically means there's little to no motion to work with.

    As for the connection issues, do you draw skeleton gestures (basic shapes) before you focus on drawing the rest of the image? I've found that having reference points for the hipbones in the torso helps immensely with making legs look more natural. In women, I often find that adding enough fat and muscle tissue around the hips and thighs can help a lot with making it look more natural.

    Do you have any examples of your drawings where this issue is prevalent? It'd help me see what can help you out to get it right.


    I'm afraid I don't really have examples to show you, because I have a habit of erasing parts of drawings if they don't turn out well. So basically, anything that I could have used is gone at this point. My drawings are also scattered (some digital, some traditional) and quite unorganized, sorry.

    I have never really found drawing basic shapes - the technique that many suggest to beginner (and experienced) artists - very helpful at all, but I will try it next time. I could also use some more practice with anatomy for sure.

    Thank you for your advice!

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