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    I got through random suggestions that should teach me how a basic human body should be reproduced, i tried figure study but i had no idea where the rib cage and so on should start or end, so I tried tracing on top of them, and still I felt lost.

    I do not understand the body parts even if the person is completely naked, the meat and the musculature make it impossible to identify those shapes.

    This was a previous attempt that got corrected by someone else on this site, https://imgur.com/He41wkx, I saw that there were some points i should use to identify those things, yet it doesn't work when i do it. I just cannot see through people, even when i feel it, the anatomy takes a completely unrealistic shape and I do not know how am I supposed to do.


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    I don't see the "completely unrealistic shapes" you are complaining about. If anything, you are overdoing it a bit with several tracing lines to indicate the geometry of each and every tube, I don't think that is always necessary.

    I am thinking of a line of a song by Gotye: "You can get addicted to a certain type of sadness." Your level of self-critique seems to be in that region.

    You are constructing very neat and detailed foundations for drawings, just that you use extremely thick lines for them. Just tone down the foundation lines quite a bit and start using them as guides to draw a finished outline over them. And yes, if you sic a cantankerous stickler on it, they might find some details, that digress from the reference the tiniest bit, but you don't need to immediately nail down that amount of perfection. Perfect is the enemy of good, because perfect never gets done, and your drawings are by far good enough to proceed to further steps.

    I would say your perspective foundation is where it needs to be for now, switch to other aspects, like line economy, and flow. You did all the preliminary studies that make sense, just try out the difference your preparations make if you return to naively drawing outlines. Confidence comes from doing, not from endlessly hesitating before the next step.


    You know, Idon'tknow, I think you're being too harder on yourself.

    From what I'm seeing in your figural tracings, I feel that you're really and completely boiling down the more complicated musculatures and translating them visually into simpler, and more geometrical shapes and forms. And that's OK to start off drawing them that way. Because your eyes and brain are slowly, ever so slowly getting used to something more complex as the human anatomy of muscles. But still, these simpler, more mathematically drawn forms are still not getting enough of that organic flexibility, elasticity, and of course, the plasticity in your lines, shapes, spaces, and of course, the masses and forms, and I'm not getting enough of that looser confidence in your skeletal systems yet. How would you like to kindly go ahead with 5 minutes of 30 second figures, 5 mins of 30 secs skeletals, and 5 m of 30s musculars, as well? (10 drawings each)

    The reasons:

    1) To be the most totally self assured in your line and edge confidence, even in your muscles.

    2) To help yourself become more than selective in your bones and muscles

    3) To see your bones, muscles, nerves, and organs to be completely and more totally holistic.

    And if you're still curious and begging for more, please be sure to look into the Sarah Simblet book on Anatomy, the Joseph S. book on Artistic Human Anatomy, AND the Glenn Vilppu anatomy on how to get more quantity out of quality gesture drawing. Let's hope they've been completely and positively and absolutely inspirational and inspiring.


    i tried doing new 30 second poses classes, actually some of them are done in more time because i took an other hour long class https://imgur.com/a/HqpQPDB.

    I cannot work with a different line quality than this, i know that i must draw with more precise lines, but precise is not who I am. Yes, it looks like a mess and makes my process of learning flow hard, but if i have to think about the quality of the line, then I will be obsessed by the details.

    I do have a book about anatomy from the FORCE series none the less. Yet I end up not understanding it, mostly i give the fault to me, so I don't think if buying an other anatomy book can help me.


    It's OK that you can't get the anatomy right instantly, Idon'tknow. All you gotta do is just be patient, practice everything ever day that you can, then your natural talent will and can follow. At least I and we know you've tried. Thank you.🙏

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