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    Hi, I'm so excited to get the chance to improve my feedback skills haha.

    Let me start of by saying that most artists have felt as if theyre loosing skills while practicing. Thats because youre inevitably going to hit a point where youre either leaving your comfort zone or growing more impatient and frustrated, which often translates through art. What often helps me is taking a step back and taking a day off to recharge (dont punish yourself with something you love).

    I can clearly see that you've got an eye for proportions and the line of action which is a very hard thing to get for many people. You're doing great so far! This is what I would work on if I was you:

    1) Quick studies (speed dating the human body haha). The better you get at something, the less frustrating things are overall, which is why I would recommend 5x 1 minute and 2x 2 minute figure drawings. Theyre great for loosing up and gaining quick experience without getting lost in the hard and annoying parts too much.

    2) "draw what you see, not what your brain thinks it sees" I noticed that you use circles as guidelines for joints and then build/imagine the volume around that. This technique is very hard on the brain. Maybe you could try to look at specific body parts to get an understanding of how theyre connected, their volume, muscles and quirks. Studying anatomy can be really fun, but if you dont have the time you could also start by just looking at the figure drawing refernce for 30 seconds before you start drawing. Just take in what you see and try relying more on your eyes (opposed to your brain).

    A lot lot of professional artist demonstate really loose and beautiful figure drawings. GrizandNorm and Ben Lo are some I found on Pinterest and really adore.

    I hope I could help :)


    Think I'll give those a shot thanks for the advice!!


    Well, Blehh, I really think you're showing some greater sense of promise, but I feel that your gestures are completely and totally getting somewhere in your figure drawings. Hence they are way too stiffer in terms of the more basic ⭕️. How would you like to please kindly loosen yourself up even more with 10 minutes of 30 second warmups?

    Hence by warming yourself up completely with those 30 second attitudes, you can, shall, and will achieve absolute exaggerations in your storytelling drawings. So, if you're still curious about more gesture sketching, then I'd recommend you look into the Shamus Culhane book in PDF form here. And the truer takeaway from this tip is to not even try to think about making slicker sketches in shorter times, but to record your minimum of edges in your attitudes and other related things as possible.

    Good luck from me.


    Thanks for the tip I'll give that a read and see where I'll go from there!

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