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    well,i really want to improve my painting level.But it seems too hard to realize for me.I always think it just because i have no time to do this,but i know,it is a silly excuse.I need some suggestions.If anybody can say someting to me, i will be really thankful!(maybe here are some mistakes in my expressions,i hope you can understand,thanks!)

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    Hello Bean Just, and welcome to Line of Action, I'm Polyvios, and how are you doing this morning?

    Say, by answering your question, I'd say I'd like to recommend you be a little bit more concrete to your goal, because, just saying "improve my painting level" sounds a bit too discreet to me. So how would you like to suggest a goal, how to make my painting figures less stiff and more fluid?

    The reason why is because, deep down you can and will be able to tap into the inner thoughts and emotions of your figured models, especially in your paintings, but in your drawings.

    Hope this thing helps you out better.


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