I made 100 sketches of 60 seconds each. Feel free to be hard on me.

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    It's been a year since I quit drawing. I want to take it up again and take it seriously.
    I will be drawing 100 sketches of 60 seconds a day, I hope it won't be a problem for you.

    (it's partly relaxing).

    I really want to improve, so don't hesitate to be critical and hard on me, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for your precious time!

    Sketches: imgur.com/a/daily-practice-1-22-06-2024-BKjNpgk

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    Hey Jotty,

    great job for getting back to practicing!

    The IMGUR link you provided seemed dead, so I'm commenting on the two sample pics you posted.

    While the effort you put in is admirable, I doubt this will have the desired effect of improving your craftsmenship, that you are looking for. Doing very short drawings mainly improves gesture and linework (or 'looseness' for lack of a better term). Your lines actually look pretty good already, even in the first drawing you did. Not the 'chicken scratch' style you see in most beginners (I had to work on getting rid of it for years myself). Also the gesture and proportions of the ape in the second picture aren't bad at all. If you want to put in 90 minutes a day (which is a challenging plan starting from zero – don't be too hard on yourself and aim for consistency rather than intensity) I would do like 10 of these as a warm-up and then focus on a specific goal that you set for yourself (anatomy, values, perspective, composition...) for the rest of that time.

    Also I would suggest not putting a huge anime character and your name in front of your work if you are looking for critique. It is kind of distracting. If you want a funny figure there, I would use one, that is actually drawn by yourself and not some other artists work. But that's just my opinion. You do you :)

    Hope this helps! Keep going!


    Thank you very much for your comment!
    You're right, I'm going to start practicing more other aspects of drawing. Mainly anatomy.

    Here is the link to the sketches: https://imgur.com/a/daily-practice-1-22-06-2024-BKjNpgk

    Thank you very much for your time and advice, I will put it into practice!

    (The character and the name is because it really makes me happy to practice with such a format... it motivates me a lot because it's more fun than drawing on a white canvas. But I'll keep it in mind anyway, I really appreciate your constructive criticism).


    Hi Jolty Beans. Great, that you fixed that imgur link. Scrolling through your sketches was the perfect start to my after-work hours today.

    First impression: great, clean lines, always a good start!

    Second impression, aww, that one is cute. And that one too, and that one!

    You clearly succeeded in depicting most of those critters with very few lines, and you clearly know how to take all the liberties with the reference to max the effect, chosing a focus, simplifying the heck out of shapes, and cropping everything that could distract. Good convincing move, I'll consider thieving that from you and sacrificing the OG frame on the reference more often to celebrate my own best lines, instead of always being completionist and including every outstretched finger and toe for every pose.

    On a few of those images I had the suspicion, that you went quite far with the liberty, and straddled the line from drawing from reference towards drawing losely inspired by reference, but hey, I am not gonna snitch you out to the art cops.

    Presentation: the strong anime frame acts as a nice contrast to the a bit more naturalistic-ish style of the series, contextualizing the reductionist nature of your shorties, and emphasizing the fun you had while drawing. Also a good choice, that wouldn't have immediately come to my own mind.

    Lots of fat thumbs up from me, looking forward to see more of your adventures in future.


    THANK YOU 💖💖💖💖💖💖 (´ω`*)


    Hello and good day, Jolty. Say, greatest works on your quickest of sketches of your animals. Almost half of 'em are all the cutest I've ever seen in my life! First impression: they are like the cutest concept character sketches. Second impression: This one's cuter, and that one's the cutest!! Third, I'm gonna download 'em all, and keep your anime character design for gesture drawing warmups. And furthermore, most greatest job on your gestures and loosest lines of action in your animals in terms of the most holistic shapes of them. Yet, almost all of them seem too rigidest in terms of the edges and spaces and relationships of more of those critters. Would you like to kindly work most fastest, loosest but funniest in terms of your lines and shapes? By doing 101 drawings for 30 seconds per sketch??

    The logical premise behind all of this criticism is because, just by doing this warmup session, your gestural line quality can, shall, must, and furthermore will improve million-fold. So for even most details, please be sure to collect the animal anatomy books on the Recommended Books page, including the Mike Mattesi one. I won't tell the art police on you. My hat's off to you.

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