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    Hey all! I've been doing some gesture drawing on and off this month but this week I plan to get serious and practice far more consistently. To aid me I've been watching Proko's Youtube videos on gesture drawing and I've taken some tips from an artist group? Team? Named "Griz and Norm" and from what I've gotten is that I should focus on getting the primary line of action, using more curved lines to communicate rhythm in the poses, and to make cleaner, more concise strokes! However I seem to be hitting a roadblock, I need a second opinion on my practice so far because something dosen't feel right to me. I dont' know if I'm communicating the pose well enough, if it's clean enough, etc. I'd love to hear some tips on how to improve from this great community!

    (The stick figurish looking poses I did 30 second each, while for more structured ones I did 1 minute each)


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