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    Hello, Дамир (Damir), and welcome to Line of Action, I'm Polyvios, and how are you?

    Say, Damir, you're doing a mighty powerful fine job on your shapes and forms, and spaces, in your figure constructions. But they all seem too rigid to me yet, so how would you please loosen up those forces with our interactive drawing tutorial? So that you can mix solid shapes and forms with sparks of guts?

    As a result of your progress on our interactive tutorial, then you lines of action and force will be sketched out less rigid and more distilled into the essence of the attitudes, all without the expense of the solid shapes. For most info, please look into some Drawing Forces livestreams on YouTube, and Volume 1 of the Walt Stanchfield PDF on Archive.org.

    Good luck to you and your myelins!;)

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