I think I am starting to forget how to draw well.

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    Hi, after the 2 hour drawing session is like my brain is sucked dry to try aagain and no joke, is like i don't remember how to draw well. My lines are random, i forget proportions and when i try to redo all over again i feel too tired.

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    That sounds suspiciously like you might not be a mark 5 drawing robot, but a human being! I would let that check out!

    Jokes aside, 2 hours focused concentration on a task IS exhausting. Most people wouldn't even get the idea to aim for training to draw more than that at once. I personally rarely rarely have a day, where I manage to draw 3 or 4 hours, but those are especially inspired days, and then its generally not in a single setting.

    I know that professional artists and some enthusiasts manage to draw 10+ hours at once. But I think getting there is less a problem of strictly developing drawing skills, it's more a question of getting used to regenerate efficiently when taking breaks. Or even using mentally less taxing parts of drawing, like filling in large shapes, for regeneration.


    Hey there, I. Nicest work on making your most completely, really, and totally concretest topic on your forum. Please can we see your sketches? So that we can and will see what you're working on presently??


    it's better to try to draw for 2 hours and quit after just 1 hour than to not draw at all.

    Progress is not linear, treat yourself with kindness.


    Stvalentine said what there where to said

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