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    Hello my name is hue, im 19 and a college student. I would like to make more friends to help me stay on track while I learn how to effectively draw anatomy and beyond. If enough people reply in the forum we could make a discord for all of us.

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    Hi hue, agreed! More drawing friends to motivate and keep each other on track would be amazing!

    Fingers crossed that there will be more replies :-)


    Hello! I also want more drawing friends and would be interested in joining that Discord. :)


    Being supportive of fellow artists is something I'm very down for!


    Im a college student too and always love getting new influences!


    I'm also interested in making new art friends!


    I'd be down too


    Hello! Thank you all for the feedback for anyone wanting to join a discord where we can post our progress along with encouraging others the link is here:


    Hope to see you there :)


    yo. I'm looking for new artist friends too. would love to join that discord server

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