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    I have been drawing some gestures and I would like to know what you think.


    Some are 30 sec and others are 60 sec.


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    Good quick figures. Now move up to longer timed drawings. To help you. You need to study human anatomy, both muscle structure & bone structure. The study will help you know what you are drawing. You can find a lot of information on the subject on the internet. Recommend you make drawings of what you find enough so that you know what is what. Drawing nude figures will help you in drawing clothed figures. I would recommend a simple stick figure so you can more easily get the dynamics correct. Once you are happy with this drawing, you can expand the figure to more realistic forms.

    Remember: practice makes better. That is what you are after - improvement.

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    I think the movement in the gestures is good. Now you can work on learning anatomy and where things go.


    You've captured the gesture really well! You might want to break down the shapes a bit more. That would help them look like soft fluffy pillow.


    Very good for your beginner steps. Try to take more control over your pencil. Move your shoulder when you draw. It's easier to draw human anatomy. Good lock my friend :)

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    Love all those gestures, yotastrejos, greatest job on those yet. Greatest job on the line quality of those gestures. Greatest job in all of them.

    I've got one small suggestion: What is your goal for today? The reason why I asked is because, what is your current goal for tonight?? If you really want to strengthen your movement and action-packed quality into your work, pick up a copy of Vols. 1 and 2 of the Walt Stantchfield Books on Animation. They have almost everything that a non-animation school and animation school student is looking for to give all their drawings their range of expression and storytelling ability.

    Hope this has been a cooperative question.

    Polyvios Animations


    For now i would like to learn some about the movement of the human body and some anatomy. But I dont have a clear goal. I have different interests like comics and caricatures so definitely being expressive is something worth learning in my case. Ill going to check out your recommendations!

    Thanks you very much!


    I love the curves and the flow in your lines.

    Ofcourse you can go for longer studies.

    But if you want to stick with the short classes, then consider an other medium, like gouache or watercolor.

    If you use two different colors, you can even create more movement in the sketches.

    Have fun!


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