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    I did these digitally then kinda squashed them together. Each set from left to right is 4 minute, then 2 minute, 1 minute, 30 seconds, and 5 seconds, each set the same pose.


    I welcome any and all critique, Thanks so much.

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    Hi, I think your proportions are good and the figures have a lot of energy

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    It's good that you draw the same pose multiple times. You learn much more and faster this way.

    Be more aware of gravity and weight to make your drawings more believable. Use darker lines to show areas of more tension.

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    you need to make things boxier some of your figures are really flat add more geometry to them box cylinderbox boxsphere etc etc etc practice doing dynamic shape


    Drawing the same pose at different speeds seems like a really good idea (one I should probably implement) though one thing I noticed is that you seem to be starting with the longest time and doing it progressively quicker (I'm just guessing based on it going left-to-right). I'm wondering if it might also be useful to tackle it from the other direction, so that you're building up to the longer drawing rather than breaking it down?


    looks pretty damn good to me. i dont know the posture you copied however. seems like you understand the upper lower twists, and the proportion are good, also the gestures are alive, so that's all good.

    now see if you can draw at this level from imagination :) that's your real test.


    Nice job on drawing the same pose in 4 minutes, 2 mins, and so on. So, I've got one small request, why don't you try to draw that same one in 3 minutes 59 please?

    Polyvios Animations.

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