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    i just finished this 30 minute sketch. Id love some critiquing on my work. I will put more of my 30 minute sketches up as the days go by. Advise to make me better at is would be great. Please me harsh that's what i need to get better.

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    At first, no need to be harsh to give good critique ^^.

    You don't need a kick in the ass when there are just good advices to provide, sooooo :

    Well, ok let's get straight to the point, i think the biggest problem with your drawing is the "construction" and by this i can say that your biggest weakness is OBSERVATION.

    So what does that mean, it means that i could say a lot of things about this drawing, i could say something like "right arm is too long" or "his shoulder seems to be detached from his body" "right hand is bigger than the left one" etc...

    Of course you could simply correct that and your drawing will get a bit more better.

    But lets get to real advices :

    Pointing issues on ONE particular drawing will not help you, i think what you need is getting away from 30 minutes drawing at first, you need to warm up, so try to begin with shorter poses, like 30 seconds or 2 minutes, i think 2 minutes is the maximum to begin, but really try to make as much as possible of those short poses.

    WHY? Because you need to train your eye and warm up your hand, arm and shoulder, to draw well after at least 30 min of warming up. Ok?

    You also have to keep one thing in mind, this one thing is the one you lack the most here, it's about observation, measures, construction, they are all the same thing, no matter how you call it.
    It's about really looking at the model, really being able to know exactly to put this stroke that will, say, indicates the neck for example.

    The thing here is that you are actually trying to "finish" your drawing, by putting values to indicates shadows etc, but at first your model is not so well structured, so it's like you are painting a wall that is about to collapse (one of my teachers were always telling me this ^^)

    Just don't worry too much about "finishing" your picture. Believe me, a good soft sketch is way better than a finished hazardous drawing.

    And every step is more important than the following, when you'll have improve in your observation of the model and when you'll be able to do a drawing that is well constructed, with good proportion, good angles and rythms, you'll see that shading is just a "next step" and it will be easier.

    So keep up drawing and remember to warm up with short poses before getting to the longer ones.

    And i almost forgot one thing, when you will get to the longer poses, having more time means that you have to take advantage of it in the construction of your model, so you take more time to put the structure and the main base of your drawing, you use this extra time to make it way more precise, not to put more details.

    I think that's it.


    #1032, my 30 minute drawings are used through the class option of figure drawing. So I am using the warm ups, but I also use the total hour for the warm up of the day. I'll keep in mind my proportions and apply them more correctly. Thank you for the advice it is much appreciated.


    Ok i see,

    Thing is, i'm not particularly comfortable myself with the class option, i tried it once, and i really felt like i wanted just to do a lot of short poses and some of them i actually paused it to go much further in details.

    I guess it's a matter of taste.

    The thing i find interesting in doing lot of short poses is that it shows you the human body in lots of situation, it shows you more or less how it works, what it can do, what is the limit etc...

    So when you go for the longer pose i think you are a bit more able to see the important information that will help you put the first landmarks of the body.
    But really, you make as you feel it's the best for you, drawing should always be fun ^^.



    .thank you again I will change how I llok at the model when I draw and keep proportions the main focus when starting these drawings.

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