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    Hi, Im new here so appologies if this has already beed suggested and thrown out. I only just found this site and I think its really great. Thanks

    My idea is that members of the site could send in their own pictures and give the site permission to use them for free so that there would be a great variety of models, costumes, poses, lighting dynamics, that everyone using the site could benefit from and increased enjoyment. I think this could apply to any category of drawing such as animals or cityscapes. I have pictures I would be happy to contribute

    What think ye peoples

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    Hi artillery-voodoo!

    We always appreciate it when people want to share their works with us. :) It makes us happy to see the community so involved!

    One of the reasons we've invested time and money into doing our own photoshoots in the past is because it gives us the ability to maintain consistent quality and retain full ownership over those parts of our library. That's our goal for the foreseeable future because it simplifies things from both a practical and legal perspective.

    However, if people wish to donate their photography, they're welcome to submit examples through the contact form (you can host images on sites like ) and we'll check them out and see if they'll fit into our libraries. :)


    Hi Sanne, thanks for the reply. What your saying makes a lot of sense, I see your point, just an idea thought I'd throw out there. Its a brilliant site, really like it and the reference pictures are great too.

    Best Wishes

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