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    I have reached a point to where i just dont know how to move forward with my art. I know I need to work on more anotmy and the basic stuff but I just cant seem to breakthrough to the next stage in my work? I have been stuck for a few months now and would love to here you advice.

    I also want to know how you find the confedence to post your work. I normally take down anything after about an hour after posting it. As you will see I have nothing on my page.

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    Hi Dumplings,

    What do you think the next stage of your artwork would look like? I love the piece you posted and working toward your next stage all depends on what you see for yourself. Try to identify the goal. Are you feeling uninspired? Is there an aspect of your rendering that isn't satisfying? Is there a project you're working toward?

    As for the confidence to post things, I would ask again what you hope to get out of posting. This is something I struggle with a lot. Your work isn't any more or less valid whether you decide to share it or keep it for yourself ♡


    Say, you're really know where you're going with your edges, your spaces, your relationships, your lights and shadows, and more importantly, your gestalt, Dumplings. Way to go on your incredible and awesome observation of human bone and muscle anatomy.

    My tinest and littlest criticism is that there is not enough of the cartooning and exaggeration of the gestures, bones and muscles where they should be in those things. Would you please theraputically loosen up your dominant hand with 10 minutes of 30 second poses of the general and specific figures? (20 attitudes)

    The reason why you could and would do this critique is as a result, your basic human anatomy will become the least blandest, and the most dynamic, satirical and spontaneous as you would possibly play with in terms of human acting and emotions.

    Good luck and my hat's off to you. Have lots of fun.


    do some random dumb shit. when you get to hyperfocused on somthing you hit walls. somtimes you find pathways around those wals by doing diffrent things. try cartooning. draw a dancing taco, it will help you loosen up and gain prespective. also, stop giving a shit about other peoples opinions unless it is actualy benaficial to you.


    I can't really help with the first part as I'm so new to drawing myself. But for the confidence to post, I have had nothing but help and friendly advice on this site. Once you have had some constructive feedback you should feel more confident to post your work more. Everyone has been through the same stages when they first started.



    Suppose you don't stand for your work. Then no one will. No one.

    Nobody will care about your art the way you do. If you find your soul flies across the page, then let people see it. They see your face, don't they? Those who know and care about you? Yeah? So why would you shy away from what makes you happy? Why not share your joy in your art face? Just Fucken sing it, sister! And let the world be damn-ed. You did that. Stand up and say, "This is me"-(the Greatest Showman- This song make me tear up Every time I hear it or watch the movie) show tones style.

    Artists have to have a "thick skin and an elastic heart"- Sia.

    I am worthy of telling people what is in my heart, whether that's a study, a gesture or any formal artwork. Do you think you are worthy, regardless of people being shitty with their crap opinions of your visual story? I am.

    Part of being an artist is telling people what you want to say. If you hide what you want to say, how can you stay inspired?

    Maybe you are in a rut because you are feeling shy about telling your visual stories. You have a voice, and it will go silent if you don't use it. Your inspiration will fail, and your pen will drop. Are you ready for the death of the artists in you?

    Ouch! Right?!

    Find what you want to say, and your pen will follow your thoughts. But only if you share your strokes, or die. The choice is yours.

    Cheering for you,

    Michellerose Cusack

    JCML Fine Art


    Thank you all for the suggestions! All of you have hit the mark! I think i was just getting lost looking at the whole image and finer details. I lost myself and what i was trying to say with my art. I forgot to have fun! which was causing me to become stiff and to think to much! So i will defently do some 30 sec poses and draw a dancing taco! You have no idea how much this has helped im greatful to all of you!


    Draw with the left hand, it is very freeing.

    Use other materials than the ones you usual use, or paper.


    I suggest you take more risk with this piece. Try this, make a copy of this piece (so you will have no qualms about totally messing it up) and throw in some big pieces of color using a textured brush and the lasso select tool. Right now, there is not enough range in my eyes (the whole piece is very dark). If the reference is this dark, then perhaps just ignore that feedback (it will be hard to correct).

    Try to identify constants in your process and change them--for better or for worse. Ex: if you are always using a few brushes, try totally new ones. If you always shading with a multiply layer try blending instead.

    The confidence thing I struggle with as well. For long time I've wanted to make an insta to showcase my art but I am afraid. So instead I made a website first (bc then only ppl I send the link will see) and I'm hoping that helps me build confidence over time. Slow and steady, but constant & repeated stepping outside my comfort zone.


    thats a really frustrating feeling and ive definitely had that.

    here's some things that helped me when i was in a similar situation.

    these drawing excersizes really helped me personally with like, feeling my brain juices flow more smoothly if that makes any sense. just doing stuff like drawing random 3d shapes and curly lines kinda helps with creating muscle memory with a better flow. it seems small but it personally helps me a lot whenever im in a huge creative block.


    what also helps me is pondering why i do what i do, and the messages i want to get across to the audience with my work. really thinking about what got you started in the first place can help re-light the fire that drives your work.

    another thing that helps is just taking time to observe and study the work of your favourite artists and what it is you like about their work. studying how different artists do things can help you improve your own methods. be sure to study more than one though, so you don't wind up accidentally absorbing too much of one style.

    when it comes to posting things online, be careful to not fall into the trap of basing your work's value off of how much attention it gets. sometime social media algorithms just randomly decide to not show your work, so less people may wind up seeing it. it's no big dal really, and the attention your work deserves will come to you when the time is right. don't worry too much about it. when you post something, dont worry too much about what anyone will think. what you think of it is most important.

    here's a few more vieos that helped me personally, and might help you too.



    and my final bit of advice... play around with weird shapes! try drawing globs of color and trying to turn it into a creature. try drawing things you arent very familiar with. you dont have to do a great job, just mess around and see what happens. you gotta expiriment to keep your brain creature wild and curious and ready to take in more information. just go freaken nuts!

    hope this helps. :)

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