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    Я знаю свои ошибки: невнимательность, неполнота, нечитабельность фигур, погрешности в пропорциях, анатомии и т. Д. Но я только начал, правда? Мне просто нужно больше практики, анализа. Да и скетчи грязные. Есть работы от 30 секунд до 10 минут.


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    I somewhat disagree with you on your mistakes. I definitely find your figures very readable, I understood on first glance what poses they are in, and the fact, that the proportions of the body masses and legs seem natural helps that a lot. Incompleteness is kind of a problem of shifting goalposts anyway. If you go with the Atelier style, these guys spend weeks and months on finishing a single draft, while Minamoto Musashi was famous for drawing a bird, a tree or a flower with a single stroke of a brush.

    A better knowledge of anatomy will probably improve how you draw joints, but your already well established sense of proportions takes you 90% of the way to the goal.

    What I think is more of a problem is, that you don't trust your instincts. You use a whole lot of lines, searching for the one line you like. That's somewhat natural, as your brain isn't completely used to adjusting how your pen moves on the paper to what your eyes perceive, but it's also a bad habit, and very hard to shake. I would recommend trying to live with your first stroke and not correcting it after the fact, even if it is off. You have another attempt in just 30 sec time, when the next reference shows up. You will end up at first with 80% images that you really hate, 10% that you can live with, and 10% that really surprise yourself. If you keep doing it daily, that percentage will shift very quickly. And if the percentage of images you hate drops below 30% or so, it's time to up the game and define more challenging goals for yourself.

    Remember, there are at least 5000 bad images inside every artist, and the only way to get them out is by putting them down on paper. :D


    Thank you for such a wonderful criticism! You're right, and next time I'll take your advice. Thank you again very much.
    I want to clarify, I put several pictures in the album, but only one was shown to me. I changed the link, if anything, and now all the work that I did for my first time should be shown.


    Well, Gray_Sam, I love the vitality and energy you've put into the 30 second quick poses, see? That's a very great job.

    Well, if I was to help you improve your speed and funniness in your figure poses, I'm not getting enough of the visual clarity over ambiguity, right?? Would you please draw larger, larger and larger with 10 minutes of 29 second figure gesture drawings? (600/29=21 quick scribble attitudes)

    The reason why you could, should and would do this suggestion is because, your lines of action and lines of rhythm will become the most caricatured, most exaggerated, and futhermore, the most satirized and distorted in the broadest of strokes.

    Good luck to you.


    The form is well defined here in these jester drawings. the whole figure is down, which is one of the main goals, also the porportions are perfect. Keep up the good work! Very well off to a good start.


    Sorry, I had a lot of things to do, so I haven't looked here for a long time. Thank you all for your comments and tips!

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