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    I am really looking for critique. I understand my art is flawed in some ways but I don't know where I should go from here or what I should do next to improve. I linked 3 pictures instead of showing them because they were huge for some reason. I am open to criticism on any and all of them/
    Image 1

    Image 2

    Image 3

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    I think in image two the actual drawing is very good but the use of colour could be improved upon. I like the body style you use to draw but i think maybe the faces need to be worked on a bit? Have you looked into digital drawing because I feel like these would all look amazing once tidied up and digitalised and that could really be a good way for you to better your style and experiment more with colours and line weights etc. (Although I am aware that drawing digitally can be expensive for equipment etc.)


    Uuuuh, Missliss first of all - these look amazing! the only things I can critique really is that you seem to have been drawing a lot of manga. Have you done any practice on realism? It can be really good to understand how things really look before we stylize them. Also I think you can improve your values - especially on the purple ones, they seem flat because the pants are the same color even under her jacket. Oh and I love the last one, it's one of those I LOVE TO DRAW drawings :D


    Your style is super cute! It's always refreshing to see people still working traditionally. I think you could focus on refining your images. Experiment with line weight and inking techniques. Also I'm not sure what you used in image 2, but I think you might like water color pencils (I recommend using them with a water brush). Keep working on basic foundational stuff (like figure drawing, facial expressions, ect), but I think if you focus on cleaning up your images it will make them that much better.


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