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    I've been using this site since yesterday, and immediatelly I noticed that tools in image toolbar are squeezed together to the point you cannot distinguish them between each other. I was able to easily fix it for myself, and I thought that I could share this fix.

    Problem itself: with website source:

    First way is to change ".session-overlay .image-toolbar" bracket in the css file, and change "justify-content: center" to "justify-content: space-evenly". This will spread icon over the whole toolbar.

    Fix: with website source changed:

    Second way to fix it is: Add class to spans in div with image-toolbar class, name doesn't matter in my example i named new class QF. Then add new bracket in css file, and add space to icons themselves. Session overlay is scalable, therefore it would be a good idea to add it based on percentages. This bracket could look something like this: ".QF { margin-left: 1%; margin-right: 1%; }".

    Fix: with website source changed:

    I hope this will help, or at least spotlight a problem, as I'm to lazy to fix it every time for myself :p

    Please support Line of Action

    Support us to remove this


    Whoops, I must have broken this yesterday when I was installing the other updates. I'll upload a fix right now (you may need to do a hard refresh to see it immediately, ctrl-shift-r works for this in most windows browsers).

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention!


    Glad I could help, sorry for speaking like to a noob in previous post, it must have been annoying.

    I assumed that if something this basic is an issue, then maybe website's creator isn't on moderator team. Didn't even crossed my mind that i could have been an error.


    No problem, I appreciated the clarity of your bug report. :)

    I rebuilt a bunch of core things to accommodate some of the new features that were released in a hurry yesterday (in a hurry because so many art departments are being closed by coronavirus), I'm honestly surprised that that appears to be the only thing I broke in that scramble. But I'm pleased it was an easy, quick fix.

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