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    Hi, line of action, thanks for this useful website

    I Just have a little concern and input for better UX :

    The image uploading is not user-friendly and a little bit confusing to me. For example, after I uploaded the image from the drop here menu and on the lower part has to upload again? And I dont understand the meaning of this bar, is it still uploading or is it finish uploading?

    Second, I cannot upload multiple images at a time (which is normal in nowadays uploading feature)

    Thank you :)

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    Thanks for the feedback Rinaldoishak. You're right, it needs another pass. :)

    To answer your question, when the bar is all white like that, it still needs to upload. At this point, it has not uploaded at all; it's still on your device. The preview is referencing your own filesystem and not ours. It just appears so you can preview and make sure you're about to upload the right thing.

    When you hit the upload button, that's when it finally uploads to our servers. I had set it to upload one at a time so that people could title and describe them separately, but an option for multiple images would be nice too.

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