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    here and here

    some more figure drawings with people's advice in mind :v

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    you have a great understanding of anatomy, which is especially seen in the second image :) i think your forms are great and really expressive and you can try experimenting with lighting or even color!! keep up the good work


    Well, Danny, I do say that I love how much life, vitality and energy in your quick sketches of the figures. And as for the longer poses, I'm loving how much time and energy you've spent in all of them.

    My biggest gripe of one of your quick sketches is that, through no fault of your own, very loose and free and expressive, but not getting enough of the caricature of your attitude and spaces. Would you please go for a 29 second pose drawing for us? And while you're at it, kindly look into the copy of Action? Cartooning. (If you don't already own it)

    The reason behind this is because, if you do a 29 second pose in motion, then you'll be able to make that gesture look and seem like it's fully animated. And also while you're at that, please check out the link here.

    Good luck to you, and I hope these help.



    I like the stick figures! Maybe you can pinch a bit more dynamism by not keeping the legs perfectly straight? Also I would suggest you to study the human body, especially female, as I find you may have a bit of a difficulty with that.. Other than that, love your work!

    Good luck!

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