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    I am back to drawing with ink to work on my contours and lines.

    But I will miss working with graphite it helped me a lot with my shading.

    Which do you prefer?


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    You know, Stvalentine, I think that you can and will do you, but I really think your line confidence and quality and consistency in your figure drawings in this link. I feel that you can and will work with ink for your quick sketches, but I really feel that your graphite and graphite pencil drawings can and will be useful for the longest drawings, so how would you like to kindly go ahead with a video on how to sharpen your pencils for extra-long points.

    The explanation behind this video is because, though lots of ateliers thoughout history have benefited from this unique approach for pencil sharpening for life drawings, then you can and will benefit this approach. Don't worry. You maybe and might be able to get some paper bags or plastic bags to help you clean yourself up afterwards.

    Let's hope you can and shall find this generally concrete.


    I like your graphite better. If you go ink, you should get markers at different diameters. Your drawing looks, like it is all drawn with smallest diameter, like an 0.1 or 0.2. I would at least get a variety up to 0.5 or even 0.8, so you can give different aspects of your drawing different emphasis. Ooooor, go brush? (which is admittedly a b**** to get used to)


    Or a fude nib fountain pen, which allows for great variety, depending on the angle the pen is held.

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