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    Hey Kimmy, I have a question.

    I may be off topic, but this is the only way that I could talk to you. Since I'm new here, I have some work that I want you to critique. Can you tell me what you think about it? I can either post my work on your forum or you can check out one of my forums and tell me what you think.

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    Deleted user

    I've made these two nude drawings.  I penciled them and inked them. Then I erased the pencil lines. I know it sounds so stupid.




    Hi Dominique,

    I'm guessing that by "Kimmy" you mean me? There's a bunch of people on the forums, and many of them are much better artists than I -- perhaps they'll help you too! I'm not actually so great at critique most of the time.

    I split these posts off from the "100 project" topic and moved them to the critique board where it is more appropriate to put them.

    I'm not sure what you are saying sounds stupid. Starting in pencil then working in ink is a time-honored method of producing images.

    Deleted user

    Thank you for the comment. To answer the first question, yes, I do mean you by "Kimmy".


    yo, some degree of politeness is just what the doctor ordered.
    Kim G runs this joint, Respect the admin


    I have to say both inked drawings came out pretty well. IMHO, I would always try and save my originals and using a trace sheet and transfer the inked versions to another sheet


    I would sugest leaving the pencil lines so that we can see how you started.


    You're doing good so far! I like that you're thinking in terms of light and shadow.

    I suggest maybe just drawing the poses with pencil and doing the shading in pencil as well at first (Avoid passing over the line more than once). This way you will not spend too much time on each pose and produce more. The more you draw the more you learn. Also ink can hide or create mistakes. Your objective should not be a pretty drawing, it should be a useful drawing. What did it teach you? And if the scope is too big, narrow it down.

    As for the poses themselves, I usually decide what I want from them before drawing. For example, if I want to capture the gesture and learn fluid poses, I'll go for 10-30 seconds and start with the line of action. (No need for anatomy, no need for shading, just the essence of the pose). If I want anatomy/shading I'll go for 5-30 minutes. Rhythm or weight can be 2-10 minutes. The menu in the figure drawing section is great for that, IIRC it has different time settings.

    You are on the right path, I just think you need to decide what this gesture drawing needs to achieve and take it from there.

    Deleted user

    Thanks you guys for that lovely advice. i'll just have to get used to this website. Since it's not active enough

    Deleted user

    I just want to thank you guys for those replies.

    El Bow, you are right about respecting the admin and doing those trace jobs there. I guess that I have been a little bit out of proportions and I need to work on angles. Thanks! :3



    A little thing I noticed; The gesture itself seems stiff, not only that, proportions are off and anatomy wise seems lacking. The good news is however, these are things you improve upon.

    If you are drawing someone, try to think of what they are doing, find references before blindly drawing. Study the poses. Do not copy but analyse. Find the gesture lines, rythem if you would say so. This will help you immensely.

    Get more books over basic body structure and draw from life too. Most imported of all, have fun drawing!

    I included a drawover. Basicly  I tried to focus on anatomy, so here's the thing, learn that and you are well on youre way to be able to become a good artist. Dont worry about style yet, that will come with time.

    With kind regard,


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