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    Hi, i came here with my newest problem i must resolve. I just saw some sort of weird video where dudes that never drew in their lives were capable to make more progress than anyone else in 100 days more easely than a lot of artists, so people that reacted to the content that are also pros at that said a thing about finding their own percorse and making it likable for them.

    I've been grappling with this dilemma myself lately. Is finding a structured course for learning to draw even feasible? I resonate so much with what you said. Whenever I attempt to draw something I'm passionate about or envision in my mind, my lack of technical knowledge becomes glaringly evident, stifling my progress. But then, when I try to dive into the basics, I find myself losing interest quickly, and before I know it, I've abandoned the whole endeavor altogether. It's like a constant tug-of-war between my desire to create and the daunting task of mastering the fundamentals. Does anyone else feel this way or have any advice on how to navigate this frustrating cycle?

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    Now this is something I struggled with for a while. And while I'm still on my journey of improving my art (it never ends btw, unless you want it to.) I've realized that people work at different paces.

    It's ok to take a break when you get frustrated. I've found that a good way to implement practice into my workflow is by first getting a drawing that I see needs improvement, I locate the main flaws, and I do maybe one or two studies on it.

    After doing these studies, I take a break from the grind, and I simply draw what I want. It doesn't have to all be studies. Also, don't be afraid to trace, that's how I first started understanding proportions and form. On that same note, do lots of reference drawing and change it up! If you draw from reference you don't need to do it entirely to picture.

    On an ending note, remember, if it's actively making you dislike doing art, stop doing it. You can find ways to improve your art in other ways.


    not that you have to do this in every study or drawing exercise but I find its also great to find ways of doing exercises that are still fun and creative. for example ill practice my anatomy by drawing a character over and over which helps me improve technically but is fun cause i can be creative in imagining the scene or scenareo the character's pose could be part of. It's also fun to just imagine and think about the characters traits and backstory, details etc as you draw them, you can refine your character as you refine your ability to draw them.

    i dont know how aplicable this technique is to drawing from a photo but... idk maybe you can imagine the model as part of a world or story as you draw them

    hope this thought helps :)

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