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    I have just started to attend my first art class once a week and until now I've been doodling by myself.

    My problem is that I "flatten" objects while I'm drawing and because I've never considered proportions I mess up evey freaking time.

    That's why I started to use this website, 30mins everyday, 5mins for each figure. I try not to make it a big deal but a casual routine.

    I know what it's like to have a "wrong habit" when you learn something casually and later need more time to fix that habit.

    So I'm wondering if it's okay :P It's been a month so far and I feel like I have bolder lines(I used to have furry(?) lines) and get less flat images, tho I still have weird proportions because I can't consider those in 5 mins..

    1. Is it okay if I just stick with this routine or should I get some occasional feedbacks here or from a teacher?

    2. AND is it better to have 5 min sessions or longer sessions cause I can't put more details on drawings?

    (The picture is those "less flattened" doodles I did for today lol)

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    1. It helps completely to get occasional feedback, especially from people who are versed in it. Getting constructive criticism is a must. It's what helps pinpoint where your issues are and what you need to focus more on.

    2. When it comes to the length of the sessions, it depends on your goal with having timed sessions. If you want to have more detail in your drawings, either do longer sessions or just don't time it at all. But regardless the length of the sessions, do as many sessions as you can. Practice, practice, practice and you'll get there.


    I did not see any drawing. Is that link ok?


    Well, it's pretty complicated to recommend something because for some people, feedback is needed, and for someone is not. For example, I have classes with a tutor from time to time when I see that something is needed to be improved. I'm very interested in cartography, and I need to have very developed skills to work on something with many details. But for now, I'm a uni student first of all, and I want to focus on getting my degree. But somethimes I have so many things to do, and I can practice. I'm also a writing club member, so I don't have free time at all. But some time ago, I needed to write about cartography, and my experience helped me somehow. Also, I found some useful info on, which helped me finish the paper and find more about it. But that club is only in the summer, so I hope that from September I'll be able to dedicate more time to drawing.
    P.S. I'd appreciate all the recommendations if you recommend to me any good Youtube channels with some tutorials or something like that.

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