Is there anyone else here aiming to learn to draw comics?

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    I'm looking for someone to link up with and build a custom syllabus with so I can learn WITH you!

    I would suggest grabbing Scott McCloud's books on graphic novels/comics since that's what I'm working from. Maybe a few youtube vids as well, but yeah. I need a partner/accountabilibuddy lol. We'll have assignments, goals and expectations to mindfully critique and advise each other.

    Or several >.>

    I'm especially looking for ways too practice comics, comic panels, perspective/composition/backgrounds, dynamic poses and visual communication.

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    That sounds like a good idea. I've been trying to improve composition/perspective, dynamic poses, and visual communication. I also been putting a focus on character design and consistency of those characters.

    I know Scott McCloud's 'Understanding Comics (The Invisible Art) parts of it was used for a class I took. I do not own any of Scott McCloud's books. Though that one I still have reference notes from. I been using more animation books for my study.

    Such as The Silver Way: Techniques, Tips, and Tutorials for Effective Character Design. (video preview)

    And Directing the Story: Professional Storytelling and Storyboarding Techniques for Live Action and Animation.

    Downside I've recently moved to a new house, so I need to pull them out from their boxes when I figure out which boxes they are in. So I may be slow starting, However I'm quite willing to commit.

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    Honesty, that is a really cool idea. Seeing as I myself am trying to create comics and better my work to fit the comic style and flow. It would be really awesome to have someone else dedicated to the craft and able to learn with. A buddy system is a really effective way to learn and trade skills as well as having another voice to give some guidance. I would be totally down for the idea if you're still searching!



    Man I love the idea! I wanted to practice a lot aswell because I was meaning to start my own comic. So having this way of improving would be a lot of fun and would definitely be a great Motivation. I don't really have many books for comics, hopefully that isn't going to be a Problem. Apart from that, i'd be very excited if this is going to work.


    @Ittakyou64 and Marian345

    I haven't heard anything from Kingsevil yet.
    However I figured go ahead and ask if you are focusing on the same areas as Kingsevil's listed. Is there a preferred means of communication: (Discord, here, skype, etc.) I'm interested in getting started in making lessons together and assignments. I plan to try to find online resources that cover same/similar content as the books. I as I mentioned do not have the books of Scott McClouds-but familiar and have handouts from when I was in school.


    Yes I am focusing on perspective, composition, backgrounds, etc. But if there are other areas you guys are wanting to focus on I'd be up for the challenge. As for communication I'd be fine with everything mentioned execpt skype.


    Okay I'm making a discord server. It is my first time doing so; it may need help or changes.

    I will be placing a couple of limited use invite links here. I'll add those who have been part of this thread into the server as a 'Collaborator' So we can begin discussing how we like to proceed.

    Use this new one:

    Please when on discord, reference this thread and your username. You don't need to go by your Line Of Action user name. Just so we know who you are in this thread. Mine is the same name without space, I added space for nickname.

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    I'm reposting the invite. Previous version kicked people and didn't allow me to adjust their roles unless they were online at the time. New to creating side of Discord so didn't expect some of the problems previous invites created.

    Sorry on the problms folks.


    I'm also interested! Joining the discord now.


    I am! This sounds really cool :DD


    I probably don't have time to commit to something like this, although I do need to improve my craft.
    But I just wanted to wave at fellow comics folks and recommend a couple of books that I think may be helpful to you.

    Drawing words and Writing Pictures, along with its sequel Mastering Comics by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden are already set up as comics lessons and is in fact structured for group participation.
    Thought I'd mention them because while Scott McCloud is a fantasic book, it does feel like it covers a fair bit more on comics theory than it does on craft. On a limited budget you might get more milage from Jessica and Matt's books. (and also Scotts books are so popular, it's pretty likely to have them at a library where you can borrow them for free!)


    Hey sorry, I'm around and alive! Just been through quite a bit mom's cancer returning, a load of travel etc

    And yall made a discord?! Oh my god I'm so happy and I am IN! THANK YOU, Anna!


    Hey sorry, I'm around and alive! Just been through quite a bit mom's cancer returning, a load of travel etc

    And yall made a discord?! Oh my god I'm so happy and I am IN! THANK YOU, Anna!



    Sorry to hear about your mom's cancer. :(

    I'm currently working my way through a class on Udemy that is very good. And it's only $11.39 right now. (not a paid endorser for Udemy)

    It's very good on basics, gestures, etc. for a beginner like me. Over 6 hours of video content!

    Introduction to Figure drawing, creating a dynamic figure.

    Happy drawing!


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