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    First I want to start out by saying I really like this site. I think it has many things that have helped me become a better sketcher. That being said I don't feel that I have gotten what I expected from this membership. I used this site almost daily up in till about a month ago and was paying for 15$ membership. I would sketch and request a critique and would get so tips from other users ever so often. But the photo references became to repetitive seeing same photos over and over again. And I can't tell if the creators of this cite are still active on it. The last post is from May about new photos and then nothing. I don't mind supporting this site if they are add new photos and other content but I don't want to waste money on a site that it's being run.

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    I'm in the same boat here. I've had to start going to other sites and using other resources to do my studying. I hope at some point they add more photos here though, because it has my favorite layout compared to everything else.


    Sorry you two! I took a hefty break from this site because another was demanding my absolute full attention. I'm back and have some new things planned, the first of which should be coming out very shortly. :)

    Unfortunately, we just have not had enough members to fund big new photoshoots, often, but I've been saving and planning.


    ... Yeah well, I've sent a message regarding my issue accessing this website twice... and still got no answer. I'm personnally considering unsubscribing... where is the point if I can't access this website on a regular basis...


    Just canceled my subscription, will resubscribe if the site is actually cleaned up. I can't even see how long I've practiced for a day and the practice schedule thing is so wonky. I keep seeing the same photos over and over again, and the database isn't growing. Worst of all, is that the site is spam bombed for days and no one is here to prevent it on clean it up. Please do better, or else I'll be forced to only use


    Are you talking about the spam incident that occurred 2 months ago??


    I'm not sure about spam, but about 50% of the time when I try to access this site I get a 404 error. This is one of my favorite resources but so often I can't actually use it.



    I get the same problem and sent two emails regarding this issue...

    I'm reposting here to mention that the counting is still off. I've been practicing for almost a year without interruption with clear targets but since the time registered isn't correct, I get days when I practiced which are considered "not practicing day"...

    Yesterday for instance... I did a 2 hour class... and it counted me... 36 MINUTES ( so since my target is 55 minutes minimum a day... that's another day not counted, thankfully I keep my own diary because I can't rely on this website).

    It's always been a problem but it's the first time the difference was that big and it was Tuesday Pacific time not Monday... so...

    I also have an issue regarding the tips... I get the drawings but not the writing... This wasn't the case when I subscribed in January 2019 but this problem has been going on for months...

    Like Brothamanben, I also get the same photos over and over again even if the number of photos available is over a 400... It seems I don't get access to the full set of pictures...

    This site is my favorite online resource as well but I'm also considering cancelling my subscription until there's some quality back...

    I don't get spams though... but I'm using adblock.

    I'm giving myself until the end of the month, if I don't get any change by then, I'll get back to the free version and alternating with other websites... I've been having issues for over 6 months now and have been waiting for things to get better but so far nothing's been done.

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    I get the same error, but say more like 90% of the time. its really frustrating especially since I only have a short time of day to draw.


    Just wanted to give love to this site and it's operators! Can't beat the cost or quality or structures - many thanks for all you do!


    Hi, I've recently joined and slowly steaming up. I just want to say I HAVEN'T had any problems yet at all. Obviously I know the frustration of online problems but at the same time can imagine the huge job it is to manage a site like this. I don't know how many there are but of you but I'm grateful for what you've taken on. Thanks!


    Thank you SO much for your kind words, myshadowgengar and Gcapelle.

    There is only one of me. I had a moderator who helped me with the forums and student ID approval and etc, but she has had to be absent for several months due to health issues. So it's just me. I do my best to keep up, but it's very challenging. Sometimes I receive scary threats and harassment for, apparently, being a woman who runs a site with nude imagery on it, which makes it even harder to handle. Logging into the inbox gives me heart palpatations these days. :P


    Sorry about the news, Kim the Moderator, but we students have all the rights to information to figure studies, particularly nude; not just that, but all other kinds of sketching in general in your website, too. Don't look at your inbox. They're just from a bunch of freaks who want drawing nude figure studies dead and gone. Line of Action forever!!

    Polyvios Animations

    P.S. Keep up your moderation till your moderator recovers fully.

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