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    Hey! New here and just have to say that I really enjoy the site. Im struggling with construction and what techniques to use, it's just that I can't get a concrete thing to build on. Should I just pick one and go with it? e.g Reilly, loomis or w/e, I'm working on anatomy too, it's just that I struggle getting my figures in perspective in composition. I can't redraw my characters with the same shapes and forms not having my construction down and when hear I should use different things from circles to simple boxes, triangles, cylinders, ect... gets kind of confusing. I guess I partially answered my own question but I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    So I’m pretty new to all of this myself so I feel like maybe I actually have a clue what I’m talking about here. I think it might be best just to find what works best for you at this time For me I’m having shit trying to do the boxes and cylinders and shapes of that nature but at the same time I feel like they’re very important so I don’t want to give up on those completely. But thinking about it at the same time I guess we could get ourselves into some really bad habits if we just go our own way.

    Right now I have gone back to Loomis head and I’m going to focus strictly on that until I finally get it. Then I’m going to start working on getting my figures more proportional. Using the manikin shapes and stuff. has fairly decent videos if you haven’t already found good luck on your journey.



    In general, there's no one right way to do your construction. Is there one method that feels better to you or makes the most intuitive sense? If you are getting started, it may help to just pick one method and keep at it, even if you are confused; practice is the only true way to make progress, after all! It's hard to learn everything at once, so definitely break it down into bite sized pieces by limiting the scope of what you're focusing on learning and improving at any given moment. As you're working, try to notice what you're doing better for that stated goal, not the huge range of other skills you might work on next.

    Once you're feeling a little less confused with the basics of one method, you can challenge yourself to try another.

    Remember: It takes a lot of energy to learn a new skill, and your body is fine-tuned to survive by not wasting energy you don't have to. That frustration you feel is your body asking you, are you really sure this is important enough to you to spend this energy learning it? Tell it yes, you are opting in, by keeping at it!


    Thanks for the prompt replies, I guess that makes sense. It's just that drawing is such a big skill to tackle that I just get lost in an ocean of things to practice on. But I'll just work on getting proper construction for now. Cheers!


    Hi Nsw ,I have used this site for a few weeks now and from not being able to figure out how to do the initial 30 second sketch Im finally getting it ,I use it basically everyday ,usually the 1 hour class and from thinking I was somehow completely deficient some of my sketches are actually looking like something ,I know what you mean regarding what shapes to use and everyone on youtube seems to use something different but I seem to have settled on a mixture (a squarish triangular cylinder shape )just kidding,I think because of the 30 sec intervals to start I am finding that I am now not actually thinking about what Im doing and just doing it ,it was frustrating at first but fun which is the main point and now becoming more satisfied with the results ,
    as for a good place to get information check out Alphonso Dunn on youtube he has a way of breaking things down and explaining what seems like complex ideas very simply ,he's an excellent teacher......Sycra is pretty good to.


    Thanks davew, I just feel like I'm missing some huge boat trip everyone else got on and now I'm swimming around in pitch black grappling with whales and sharks while trying to improve my drawing. I guess the idea of a boat is just my brain screaming at me "IT JUST CANT BE THIS HARD!". I've actually checked them out, I'm not a big fan of tutorial videos though because I've been spending too much time on creatureartteacher and nma to watch another lesson this soon :P. It's like I get lessons by Villpu and Aaron blaise but I am too spoiled with knowledge to be able sit down and decide what lessons to cram. With time and celebacy I shall press onwards to new endevours and conquests with the pencil as my sword! Hurraaah - Hurrrrraaaaaugh!

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