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    Recently I have decided to get back into creating art. It has been several years since I last drew anything and I feel like I am completely starting over, which can be quite frustrating. A friend of mine brought me to this site which has helped me actually enjoy drawing again, but I am quick to become frustrated that my work does not look the way I would like it to, or that I am not improving as quickly as I would like. Logically I know it takes a lot of time and practice to get better, but I was wondering if anybody had any advice.

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    I could give you a long lecture about the fundamentals, but instead I'll just leave this here:


    essentially find artists you admire and study from their work along your own drawings.

    Good luck.


    I'm like you. I have not done a lot of drawing in almost 10 years, especially figure drawing. I just started back two weeks ago. I remember my teacher from SCAD telling me that to get better at figure drawing open an anatomy book, place some tracing paper on top of the pages and draw over every figure in that book from start to end. You can do gesture drawings or complete renders. Once you finish that, your figure drawing skills will improve. Now he used to work for Disney, so yea I would take his advice. He also said to keep drawing to get all of the bad drawings out of the way. My personal advice to you is try not to look at your old drawings for a few months and focus on having fun and learning all you can about figure drawing. I hope this advice helps you in some way.

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