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    I havent done this in a long time, just hoping for some honest feedback

    Purple are 30 sec

    blue are 1 min

    Also does anyone know how to embed the image directly here?

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    I had many challenges getting to upload images and I finally had luck when I acces the site using Fire Fox.
    Microsoft Edge and Chrome have both let me down.


    Your 30-sec drawings are nice and fluid, and I'm amazed at the amount of detail you're able to cram into the 1-minute drawings! I find that my art changes and progresses even when I don't practice, and I come back faster and more confident each time. If you can just get past the first awkward bit of getting back into the swing of things, I think you'll find you're not as rusty as you think.


    I feel like the 30s drawings have a much better sense of gesture and movement. There’s problems with the gestures in the arms and legs some, but it’s very fluid and the drawings have a sense of form which is hard to do in 30s.

    The longer drawings lose all of that in favor of details in the hair and face. Hair has gesture, really. So do faces. But it doesn’t look like you’re after the gestures, you’re just going for the fun details. Totally sympathize, details can be fun.

    For me what works best to combat this kind of shift is to use class mode. I have the carrot of I can focus on details dangling in front of me for the 10 minute pose. (I have ADD and a 30m class is a challenge, so I don’t ever have longer poses in my classes) Also if you like faces, there’s faces and expression mode classes. If you’re in a faces kind of place you can totally do a faces class. There’s not really an option to do faces in figures mode formally tho there’s a bunch of poses with strong facial expression or hair flying.

    But for me, it’s really hard to do a good face AND a good figure in a minute. On a good day I can combine a 30s face and 30s figure. Most days aren’t good days. And the hair is maybe a line or a scribble even on the best days.


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