ive done some 30 sec gestures! can i have a critique?

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    i was planning to do 5minuites, but i did more https://imgur.com/a/BB6LdiR

    i have a question. is it normal to have sometimes i do gestures that i like and sometimes dont?

    that makes me feel like im having a good gestures cuz of coincidence.

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    Of course its normal, sometimes we make lines that dont flow as well as we want it to. theres no reason to be down just because a few are better than others, not everything can exceed expectations to be perfect, even those with more experience dont make every line just right.


    thanks for the advide!! gestures are triky but when i nail some pose thats when i like it. i think i might just enjoy the journey. thanks!


    Nicest job on our gestures done quickly, Khj2005413, those are mighty terrific indeed! Please keep on pushing your gestures far in your next session. I think it's perfectly normal, as King1 says, to have all your lines not as precisely flowing as we want them to, so there's no need to be down on yourself. Practice makes progress, but progress makes myelin, but myelin makes perfect.

    When it comes to constructive critisim, here's where they stand. I'm not getting enough of those loose and light gestural lines. Would you please free up your brains and hands with 10 minutes of 29 second quick sketches with our custom timer? As a result, your lines, as I've implied will become the most exact in their loose and light touch to your figures' forces. For more info and details, please look into a Mattesi book on Figure drawing and some Youtube videos online. Let's hope they have been helpful, encouraging, and educational.


    THANKS FOR ADVISING! recently im looking into mattesi ore method. gotta do 29 quick pose


    Very vivid gestures. It seems to me, that afer a certain time you get somehow overwhelmed by the movement and you gestures try to move out of the frame. It's just a feeling I get by watching your scetches, don 't take it too serious, I' m just a beginner.


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