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    Hi everyone! First, I must say that I'm not looking for anyone to tell me: Well, it's not too bad, I it's fine, keep it up! :D
    Nope, I need critiques. I know my drawings are pretty terrible, so I would like to get some advices from people who know about this. I'm a 16 year old girl from Spain. I've always liked sketching and drawing, but not in a serious and continued way. Now, I've realised I would love to study something related to art, animation, if possible, so I want to start practicing more. I've tried drawing from pictures of models 3 or 4 times, and I wanted to ask you if you could critique my sketches and give me some advice. This are the most recent ones (drawn with a pen). The ones who are people are 60 seconds, and the animal ones are from 30 seconds to 10 minutes long.

    I'll post more things when I'm able to, thank you so much for reading me!

    And don't worry, be honest with me! xD

    PD: Sorry about my English, and bad quality pics >.<


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    Hi Daniela!

    I'm from the Netherlands, we're practically neighbors! ;)

    Good job for sitting down to practice your skills and pursue your dreams! Keep at it, don't let anyone tell you you can't do it! The only way to improve is to practice a lot.

    Okay, let's take a peek at your gestures. They're honestly not bad at all, but I'm missing some of the basics that help bring motion and proper proportions to them. Some have rather inaccurate proportions that make it look a bit off.

    Have you tried drawing a fluid, c-shaped line first and then building the rest of the body on top in shapes? Something like this?

    You don't need to flesh out the breasts, add a navel or a proper facial shape - that's not the focus on a 30 second gesture drawing. The main points are a motion line, head, torso and hips and the motion of the limbs. When these main points are in order, you will understand their perspectives better and it helps you flesh out the gestures as you increase the timers for them.

    Is this helpful? :)


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