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    Hi everyone. :)

    I registered on this site a while ago but mostly browsed and used the tools here and there for practice.

    I started drawing when I was about 13 years old and am 25 now. About 85% of my art has always been created digitally, and I used a tablet after my first year of really getting into drawing. Because I've specialized so in digital art, traditional has become a bit more difficult, although I enjoy using traditional mediums a lot! (I miss the undo button though! :()

    The past couple of years, drawing has been put a bit onto the backseat in my life after a lot of things happened, so nowadays I'm not as frequent of a drawer as I'd like to be, unfortunately! I do try to take time to doodle and practice every now and then, and am planning to do it more often. :)

    I had the pleasure of working alongside Kim as a moderator and have recently been appointed as moderator to this site as well. I'm very excited to help Kim out with another one of her amazing projects, and welcome everyone to let me know if something's up. I also will regularly check the forums for new topics and offer my help and encouragement where I can. :D

    I'm glad to finally be part of this community as well and am looking forward to getting to know everyone!

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