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    For the past month I've been making use of the 30 min class sessions to get more practice in and fill out my sketchbook. Definitely, feel the improvement just after a few weeks of getting in the habit of it and I'm pretty thankful for the service.

    I use to do blind contour drawings of people on the train where I use to live so I enjoy having these classes as a way to continue working on the human form.

    Just posting these to share my progress. Stay safe everyone!

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    Nicest job, bardon, nicest job of all the time. But, I've got one more smallest idea: Why don't you do 20 minutes of 10 minute sketches, all flipped horizontally and vertical at the same drawings, if you pretty please?? Because, you'll get an even more bestest idea of drawing the figures of what you really see, rather than what you think you see, and finally, the more you put this fundamental concept into practice, you'll really master it, and it'll really become second nature in your imaginary doodles. Hope it's essentally and totally beneficial.

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    Love the Line work! Keep at it! I suggest that think about porpotioning.


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