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    If i'm going to draw want I want to draw i'm going to have to learn how to draw figures first that's a fact and I hate that fact. When I first sighed up to this site it told me to draw a line of action simple right? So I fallowed along with printer paper and saw that that I don't think a model sitting down with they're legs crossed chould be represented as a stright line going right down but I saw the point as her head going down into they're chest and lower body. I don't think that's right do you? If this site requires me to "see" things you know what kind of "see" i'm talking about then this is just too advanced for me sorry. I wish everyone whould stop linking me this if that's the case.

    I know i come off as bitter but that's because I am, I have no clue where my line is even supposed to begin? am I supposed to fallow the spine if the model is laying with her back jutting out whould I fallow along her spine as it dips down as her back side raises? I love drawing I really do after all look at the inked sketch I made will somebody that hate drawing make that and even go as far to ink it? I hope this site if right for me because everything I find is always so advanced for me I started drawing cartoon characters which as you can see has been going well but is that pratice? The only thing I don't know is that I don't know anything. Anyway I hope somebody can help me. Thank you for your time.

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    That's the photo I had intended to post in the text i'm sorry it didn't add it corrently.


    There's always draw a box I'll just need to get some flets.


    Draw a stick figure. Ball for the head, a line for the spine, and lines for the arms and legs. It will look terrible, and that’s ok. The stuff in the basic tutorial is to help you improve your stick figures.

    Alternately, do a contour line drawing, where you do your best to draw the outline of the figure without picking up your pen. Bonus points for drawing without looking at what you draw. Again it’s gonna look terrible, and that’s ok. This one is aimed at improving your hand/eye coordination.

    For both, a good starting goal is to find one thing in a class session where you think you did a good job. An alternate goal is try to get to smaller body parts in your drawings. If you have a hard time getting in both upper and lower legs, you count up how many you do. Or if you’re getting more advanced, hands and feet. But the “default” goals are aimed at someone who is a bit experienced. It’s normal to need smaller goals or easier goals to start.

    Learning to see accurately is a process and it’s not easy. And the drawings you have after a class session mostly will look bad to you. The reason you do them is so when you try to draw something just coz, it comes out better than it would without practice. You’re doing a bunch of terrible drawings to make your hands smarter for stuff that’s actually fun to draw.


    Hey, I know this is late, but I just saw this post.

    I don't use a line of action when I draw, since it really is confusing. Especially with very static poses.

    The line of action is more of a thing you use to invent 'dynamic' poses, to give your drawings life and energy. To use a line of action with figure drawing, you would try to find the 'main idea' or 'story' of your pose, and then you would use the best line of action to convey that story.

    But instead of a line of action, you can just do a graceful stick-figure, and then draw on top of that.

    For now, if the line of action is confusing, don't do it! I know I didn't. Just draw the figure accurately with cubes, boxes, and cylinders. Check out Proko's Youtube channel for more basic drawing teaching. Study anatomy (Muscles, Bones, Proportions) when you can. Remember your perspective. And just enjoy! Drawing figures gets more fun the better you get at it.

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