kind of happy with todays poses, and a little comparison (1 min)

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    I started doing gesture drawing inn august? september? idk but heres todays poses vs 25-9-21

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    Hello and good afternoon, Aitorsio. I'm Polyvios. Say, I really love how quick and slicker how all of your 1-minute figures are, and how much of a greatest job you're doing with all of the fundamentals of drawing with as fewest lines as possible. Way to go!

    Question: Are these for your portfolio? What kind of portfolio is it? Is it for drawn animation or whatever? So that you could have a specific portfolio.

    My bigger critique is that some of the poses, particularly the one standing with the legs spread out more apart is not looking or seeming flexible and plastic enough to me. Would you care to free up your non-dominant hand with 30 minutes of 30 second pure contour drawings of nude and non-nudes? (60 blind contours) The reason why is because you'd be able to get more out of your hand-eye coordination, and to get your hands in movement.

    For further info, be sure to look up the Betty Edwards books on our Amazon pages, not to mention the Walt Stanchfield books. All in all, go with what works best for you concretely. Cheers to you, and I hope these tips've helped you out by a longer shot.


    Don't have much to critique, just wanted to say I love the fearless lines. Agree with Polyvios how much "slicker" they look from your 25-9-21 poses. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress ✌


    These are great pointers Polyvios, thank you! Appreciate the question about portfolio, especially since I would like to focus on frame-by-frame animation. Will definitely work blind contours as a regular part of a practice. Thanks for the recc of Betty Edwards book, too. I'll definitely grab it 👍


    Hi! thank you so much you both! These are just drawing practices i do to warm up, but I know for sure 1min poses are really apreciated for animation porfolios. I'm currently working on a character design-ilustration porfolio that I will upload online once its finnished.

    I usually work on 1min and 30sec poses for one hour everyday (mostly everyday to be honest haha) and do faces and expression when I'm tired (also 1min and 30sec) but I¡ve never tried anything with my non-dominant hand!

    Its true that some poses are not so flexible and also one of my problems is thats difficult to keep them anatomically correct in terms of size??

    I really appreciate the book recomendation and will surely look them up! Thank you guys again and I hope you Nere Kapiteni get to work on animation soon! Have a nice day.

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