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    I'm really struggling with hands right now, and have been spending 1h/day drawing hands, by using the 1h class. But, I feel like I dont really grasp the anatomy. Have looked up Andrew Loomis on suggestion from my former art-teacher (spent 2 yrs at an artschool but thats long ago and I have lost most of my knowledge since then, so I now feel I'm back at square one). Read Loomis' book "Drawing heads and hands" but actually didn't feel it helped.
    So I'm asking here, how can I deconstruct the anatomy and understand it? Just drawing from reference is super good, I know, but it feels like I don't "know" what I'm drawing, if you get what I mean?

    Sorry if my english is off, my mothertounge is swedish.

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    Hey Neo,

    Check this tutorial out. I found it as a great way to break down the hand.




    Stop doing just hands.
    I got to a point where I got really stuck on progress and got so frustrated. My favorite subject is people.

    My girlfriend suggested I do animals as a break. I did, and when I came back to people I found that I learned a lot from the animal study.

    Doing a one hour study each day is great, I put in a similar amount of practice on most days.

    But I do not just do a single subject over and over. I rotate.

    Every morning I do a 10 minute practice before work. i rotate through the four subjects on the site.

    Then once a week I do a study again rotating.

    The rest of the week I do different subjects or practices.

    Hands a really good to help you learn proportion and foreshortening.

    Drawing animals forces you to see shapes and break things down and helps you see people better.

    You Tube is your friend. Keep searching tutorials until you find one that really resonantes with you.

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