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    🔸️Step 1

    Transform the parts/term of anatomy you study in picture or in thing.

    Part example -> rib cage = Pacman.

    Term example -> the ulna bone = "ul" = ultimate "na"= nation "ultimate nation" = USA. I love ultimate frisbee. Therefore my picture for the "ulna" will be a fribee in USA color.

    🔸️Step 2

    Choose in your video game a city to generalize the part of anatomy.

    For example : a city for the head

    🔸️Step 3

    Choose a house or a room in this city.

    For example : Nose House

    🔸️Step 4

    Place your pictures in this house or this room.

    Tada ! You learned a anatomy part !

    By playing regularly to your video game, you will review regularly rather than procrastinate in the video game.

    Personally, I put my pictures in houses on Call of Duty Mobile, when I play to battle royal.

    But I didn't found how tidy the accumulation of images...

    Reference : Mind Palace

    Ps : Sry for my english, I'm not bilingual.

    Enjoy :D

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