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    Hello over my summer break from school, I want to really go in depth studying and drawing the human figure. I'm taking an AP drawing course next year and I want to practice drawing people as much as I can. I just have one problem, I don't know where to start. :( I won't be able to take a professional art course on figure drawing over the summer, but I do have an book that goes into detail about the human bone structure and muscles. I would like to get your opinion, how did or do you go about studying anatomy and what parts should I pay attention to the most? I know practice makes better but I want to improve fast, so your advice will be much appreciated ^_^. Thank you :).

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    Hello Achan!

    I hope you're having a good summer so far. :)

    A good place to start is by doing gesture drawings of 30-90 seconds each, as described in these articles:




    Then you could spend 2-5 minutes per photo to study and draw it as close as possible. If you do these practices regularly you'll find yourself improving very quickly!

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