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    My studies for the month. I think working with lineweight really helped and I've tryed to space out my gestures a bit more (thought admitadly I am still at war with my paper saving insitincts. Ment to check out the book I was sugested last month but ended up being really busy (dont mind all my schoolwork notes that are peppered throughtout my sketchbook). My local library does have a copy though so I will be picking it up soon!

    Tracked down a brush tip pen to work on my lineweight. I really enjoyed it but it was pretty old and wore out very fast. Will have to find a new one.

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    Good morning, Tropical Bird, and welcome aboard to line of action, I'm Polyvios Animations. How are you doing?

    Nice job on your range of line weights on all of your faces, expressions, and figure studies, even your quick sketches of hands, because of the range of expression and emotion of the lines and the storytelling and acting possibilities. Please kindly keep them going! But, I totally also love how really great a job on analyzing your anatomy of the bone structure of your hands. Please do keep on pushing yourself as far as you can go.

    Go as far as you can go, and then go farther; Know what you're gonna draw is actually gonna work the first time.

    However, these lines in their looseness of all these subjects and fan arts are totally and completely not loose enough to me yet. Why don't you please free up your range of storytelling drawings of those thingies with 5x5 minutes of figures, 5x5 minutes of faces and expressions, and a 10 minute warm up of a hand? ((5x5)+(5x5)+10) (50+10)=1 hour of drawing practice.

    The reason why you could and should, and would go ahead with this deliberate practice is because your storytelling poses and expressions, and gestures will become less mechanical and much, much, MUCH dynamic, fluid, flowing and organic in your graphic narrative uses.

    Don't be really half-hearted, learn a new move by exaggerating it.

    The Little Book of Talent, Daniel Coyle.

    (Confidentially, it was just a paraphrasing.) For more info, please look into a book or Audible of the book with the same name. Hope these have helped you out so much.


    I'm going great! Always great to see you on here. Your crit is always insiteful and points out alot of stuff I would never have noticed.

    Your too kind! I feel like I need to push myself to mix up my forms of study so your 5x5 idea really intrests me! I'm getting more comfortable drawing faces on their own but I do think I need to start combining that with gesure for more full peices. I used to do a page of hands and a page of gesture and I do kind of miss it as I feel my hand anatomy memory getting foggy (thus my desire to brush up on it this month).

    Found a copy of "The Natural Way to Draw" and am super excited to crack into it. I'll add "The Little Book of Talent" to my reading list too!

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