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    Already posted this in my study group but here are all my sessions from may.
    I feel like my expressions have improved but my gestures are very loose.

    Crit apprecated!

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    Greater job on your range of action and acting of your loosest gesture drawings, Tropical Bird, therefore, your poses aren't too looser enough yet. Would you care to go for 6 minutes of 29 second loosest poses, in blind contour exercise? (360s/29s≈12 scribbles in blind contours) The reason why you could and shoud go ahead with this latest drawing exercise is because, as I think Betty Edwards puts it, by drawing without looking at your paper, you can and will be able to draw what movements you actually see, instead of what movements you vaguely know. For most details about gesture drawing and contour drawing, pick up a copy of the Nicolaides book, The Natural Way to Draw, despite its absence on the recommended books list here on this website, though you can look for it in other websites' recommended titles lists. Hope these have helped.



    Loose gestures are very expressive. You got the "S" of the figure most of the time, which is a positive. and you are allowing your figures to have directed lines- without using lines. This is also good.

    Try to find more of the minor case "s's" in the figure and bring them a bit closer to each other. Also, work on your thick-to-thin lines more. I feel these will help you a lot.

    I know I HARP on this often- but less is more. One gesture per page. If you want to be more accurate, don't let the distractions of other drawings bother your learning atmosphere. It's not a waste of paper; it's a valuable learning tool. Sure, it won't look as cool on an Instagram post, but I promise it's a HUGE help.

    All the best,

    JCMl Fine Art


    Thank you! I will see try to fit some blind contors into my sessions this month and check if my library has a copy of "The Natural Way to Draw". Always love a good book rec.




    Thanks! I'll see if I can't find a good brush tip and try to use lineweight more. I normally draw digitally with pen pressure off so it's an areas thats kind of alien to me.
    I do struggle alot to do one gesture per page because I keep them in a sketchbook for mobility and it feels like I'm wasting my pages. Maybe I'll hunt down a really small cheap one that I don't feel bad about wasting. Definietly notice myself playing drawing tetris by the end of a session.




    Amazing work my dude.

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