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    It's been a while since art school life drawing classes (17yrs) Ive mainly worked on landscapes since and just got back into figurative drawing lately.. any advice is welcomed.. I live rural with a 15mo so life drawing classes in the flesh is not an option unfortunately

    30 minute class mode #1

    30 minute class mode #2

    30 minute class mode #3

    30 minute class mode #4

    3 x 10 minute studies

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    I've already looked at your drawings from your last post, Pixelguru, for they're already magnificent and marvelous poses, indeed.

    My issue or difficulty with these poses, is that though the shapes and forms are already all right, but the graphic shapes are not the quickest, slickest, smoothest and not the nicest appeal to them enough. Would you please be able to broaden your lines the most with 30 more minutes of 299 second quickest poses?? (about 6 attitudes in the nude/cloth) (all from a custom timer/session)

    The reason is, as a result, your body drawings and sketches will be the least rigid and harshest, and the most loosest, lightest, longest, largest and liveliest in terms of the organic drawings, lines of action and lines of rhythm. For more info, be sure to look this up below.

    Good luck to you and your goal, and I hope this helped.

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