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    It's been a while since art school life drawing classes (17yrs) Ive mainly worked on landscapes since and just got back into figurative drawing lately.. any advice is welcomed.. I live rural with a 15mo so life drawing classes in the flesh is not an option unfortunately

    30 minute class mode #1

    30 minute class mode #2

    30 minute class mode #3

    30 minute class mode #4

    3 x 10 minute studies

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    Welp, Pixelguru, your drawings are some of the most marvelous figure anatomy drawings I've ever seen. Great job on your edges. Great job on your spaces and relationships (proportions and angles), and lights and shadows.

    My smallest and insignifigant nitpick for your drawings for 10 minutes should and would be that your lines are really and actually not fluid and cleanest and quickest enough to me. Would you please do 1 hour of 5 minute poses of anatomy? (12 nudes and non-nudes) The reason is because, to help you caricature, distort, exaggerate and satirize the organic shapes, forms, and lines of action, and lines of rhythm. Good luck with you and your learning curve.


    I am not so sure, whether you can get much helpful critique here. I mean, from what I see, you know the techniques. Doesn't mean you already mastered them (whatever heighty goal that may describe), but you know them already, you heard of em, and you at least tried them out and put in the hours to practice them. Nitpicking your drawings and telling you out on every slip-up won't teach you much valuable things, because frankly, there aren't many slip-ups anyway, and they hurt your eyes probably more than mine.

    I love the effect of black and white chalks on a grey background for sure, maybe this will inspire my next art supply run.

    Maybe the next step for you should be to stop worrying about technique and start thinking about audience. Who do you want to draw for, what could catch their eyes and their imagination? Try out a social media site maybe, DeviantArt, Artstation, Instagram? post your stuff there and keep an eye on which of your drawings get the most reactions and the most likes?

    Or dig out those memories of those images you wanted to draw, before you started to practice so hard?

    Or maybe giving critiques to other artists may be more informative for you, than receiving critique at this stage, unless you find someone who can really make your jaw drop.

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