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    I've been doing 30 sec and 2 min gesture for awhile now for warming up as well as for making my figures more dynamic and less stiff. Need to do longer poses as well but wanted to see if I could get some feedback on the sample of gestures I have in my drive below? I've never really submitted anything for critique before so let me know if I missed something as well :) thanks!

    Here's the link, should hopefully be accessible: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nRK5CsWgLb3KljD2YWO0yzaR4ruR9uPW

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    I really love what you've got there, boskiddlybop. Again, I see, in the left hand side of that 30-second sketch of the stick figures, I see some of that forcefulness creeping in there, but that's still a little bit too off in the body proportions, even you've gotten a little bit loose. Why don't you please do 57 more minutes of 60-second figurative poses? Why???? Because, you'll lighten up your forms in terms of, not just the look, but the whole feeling of them. As for the rest, keep it up on your current progress. Hope you've found it nice and encouraging.


    I like the fluid shapes you have going here, particularly the first 2min drawing. Be careful though, if you go too fluid with every section of the body, it might make it end up looking like they are made of rubber. As an exercise in dynamicism I think it's good though.

    I would just like to mention this general art tip: straights & curves. Google it for more information; I haven't studied it enough yet, but it might be helpful for making your art dynamic and giving more emphasis.


    Great sense of weight, I also like the fluidity with your strokes! Consider breaking up your gestures into overlapping shapes to help define the forms when time permits.


    Thank you all! Very nice to get some feedback :) I'll look into straights and curves, work on my overlapping shapes, and work on my proportions more.


    I am a beginner/intermediate drawing artist. These are looking amazing. Proportions look good for quick gesture drawings and strokes look relatively (to others) natural or unforced.

    As far as being able to express movement and emotions they are excellent; if you are interested in more realistic proportions you can attempt to work on them by practice. I find drawing the same figure and pose over and over helps the eye-hand-brain align, so maybe draw the same study more times.


    * Excellent expression of form, movement and emotion

    * If your goal is more realistic proportions, try drawing the same subject and pose multiple times (maybe even dozens).

    Keep up the great work :)


    You have a really beautiful expression of movement in your work, and I specifically like the curves of the arms and legs of many of your 2 min figures. You do a great job of identifying and demonstrating where weight is carried in the figure. Spend more time working with the male form and perfecting the shapes/lines within the shoulders and chest region.


    Looks like its going pretty well.

    You have a good sense of form and have capture the dynamism of the poses. They also seem to be pretty well in proportion and grounded.


    Hopefully youre also ok with someone who is basically doing their first critique outside of class lol. To start, I can see the line of action really clearly for every picture except for the last one, but that might just be me looking in too much into a casual pose. For the first 2 minute sketch, I can like feel the weight of the person's hips onto their legs, which was a good choice because it kind of helps create the pointing to the sky if that makes sense. Like it all comes together nicely for movement. Your page 2(30 second sketches) are also really identifiable and dynamic. The third page has some really lively or strong figures. The picture on the left on the third page seems to be really confident with their strength, because their shoulders are flat and parallel to the chin, like they are coolly leaping from the ground. The second picture has a really strong line of action with a lot of life in in the pose. The biggest thing I notice in the last picture is like I feel like you could establish more twist in the torso with the person. I feel like the drawing would feel more dynamic if you could see the contrast in direction of different parts of their body if that makes sense. Overall, you effectively showed movement and reasonable proportions in my eyes. I hope my critique is somewhat helpful to you, happy new years, and stay well!

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