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    Hello everybody
    I've been working on learning anatomy and currently am tracing Muscles on bodies. But since i don't know much about anatomy in the first place and am slowly learning, i would love to have another set of eyes to look over my picture, and tell me if I got all the muscles drawn right, or If I missed some.

    Thank you for your help :)

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    Hi! I'm not qualified to provide a critique, although I think your illustrations look good. Do you have a library near you? You might want to consider checking out an "anatomy for artists" book. I've studied anatomy and I've fascinated by it. There are far too many different muscles groups for me to keep track of though :)


    Hey Zonalar! I'm not an expert on muscle anatomy either, but I concur with Judith. :) Cross reference the drawing with anatomical study material and see what's different, then work from there.

    It looks like a great start however, I think you got most of it down rather well!


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