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    Hi everybody !

    Im new here. Actually i've been using the site fro quite a while now but felt like doing it without sharing what i "produce" is not really good :p.

    I wanted to do a long drawing, pretty much finished anatomy study right ? But with the courses, i was stopped by the timer and can't find out where this specifiq photo is now !! :'(

    I got the gesture, the structure and started adding shadows and details but without the reference i feel kinda lost, especially because i didn't really evaluate some of the lights and shadows on the subject;;

    Any was to find it and tack my time refining my drawing ?? Im really envoying it and it goes to the right way i guess...

    Thanks you guys !

    By the way really nice site helps a lot thanks !

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    There’s currently no image reviews or directory available for easy browsing.

    This is because most of our images so far (especially in the figure study tool) used in the gesture drawing tools were provided by very generous photographers interested in helping to train fine artists, but some of them specified in the licensing agreement that their images were not to be displayed in any kind of archive or list. Out of respect for their artwork and their legal rights, we have complied and not added an image archive/review to the site.

    Typically what people do to get around this is either pause to spend as long as they like on an image, or I think some take a screenshot.

    We don't have a way to manually enter time that wasn't done in our specific tools, sorry!


    Dang !!

    What can i say about that ?! Can't complain, it's really respectful xD

    Okay, i'll just deal with it; finishing the drawing without the reference or maybe stamble upon it randomly !

    Thanks. Now THAT was fast :p

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