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    New here from Denmark, I'm here to rekindle the love I had for drawing (mostly anime characters), learn to draw new stuff and hopefully make some new friends :')

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    Hii, I'm Caleb :) I don't know much about anime, tho I love drawing characters. I'd always love to make more art friends! *^*


    Hi there! That's wonderful to hear, I would love to make more art friends as well ^.^


    Yay!! Do you have instagram? here's mine https://www.instagram.com/calebthorstonart/ or you can always message me here if you want to :)


    Hi there, 1996musiclover, I'm Polyvios and how are you doing tonight? Looking forward to having a great equal partnership because I'm looking forward to expand into drawn animated filmmaking.

    Currently, I'm finding some spare time to work on my two personal films of mine. The book trailer for my picture book, and my student film from Haverhill, MA and Salem, MA.


    Is it too late? Can we be friends! You sound cool B) I draw stuffs that's similar to anime too lol but I exaggerate some things.


    Ayy that sounds amazing! I've been drawing on and off for a while but I still have so much to learn and it's been a long time dream of mine to try and pursue something in the art field so now as to hoping I can start improving and see from there :D


    Of course not! It's never too late to meet new people and make new friends :D how are you today ^^


    Hi, I also love to draw anime characters and OCs. I love making new art friends! :D


    Ayy same here!! :D I'm still kinda new to it but regardless I enjoy it :D


    Hi hello I made an account here because I also want to pick drawing back up and am in need of friends for sure :,) I'm 27. Making friends as an adult is hard 😂


    I know right?! I'm 26 myself and god it's difficult to make friends these days 🤣


    Hi, I'm very new here! I'm not all sure on what to do, other than practice my drawing skills. But I thought it would be nice to say hi here! I love drawing my own characters, none of them anime-related sadly, but anime characters seem so fun to draw!


    Welcome aboard, Starberry Kitty, I'm Polyvios, and I love to learn how to do drawing fundamentals, as applied to art, animation, and cartooning. To learn even more about animation drawing fundamentals, please look at this link by clicking here. See you later.


    Hi Polyvios! Animation drawing fundamentals look so fun, it would be cool to someday see what you've made.

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