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    I did a lesson and one of the photos was a really cool photo of a nude woman in a plague mask. Unfortunately, I accidentally clicked to end the session before I could go back and save the photo because I really wanted to do a full-fledged painting of it. Is there a way to search this up? Has anyone seen it recently? Is there really no option on line of action to save a photo to your profile after you find it?

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    Hi there! I know which photo you're talking about, and I also know it's one of the ones that we are specifically prohibited from including in any form of searchable directory by the photographer who provided it (ie iunder almost every circumstance, the only way we can show it to you is randomly.)

    If you had a full subscription you could create a playlist of your favorite images, but that sounds like overkill for finding just the one image.

    If you get tired flicking through our images, you may be able to track it down in the original photographer's own directory: https://www.deviantart.com/mjranum-stock


    Thank you for the information. I might look into a full subscription because there are a few other photos I've been looking for this is just the one I've been really wanting to hunt down.

    I'll just hope I randomly come upon it or scroll through the photographer's directory.

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