Love to have critiques on imaginatory pose invention.

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    Hi, I've been doing gesture drawings with photo refenrece for months, and recently try to invent poses totally from imagination.

    These (below) are some recent pieces. How do you think? Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.




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    Nice job on your very-first drawing posts, yamikuro. I think you're on your way. I feel like that all of your poses (attitudes) are all on the right track.

    I've got one tiny, littler and smallest critique. I love how much boldness on the lines of your life drawings, but I'm afraid, a few of them seem too choppiest to me. Also that one pose that I love, though it could and should benefit from my critique of two, as illustrated here:

    The reason why I posted this is because, your idea and energy will look, seem and feel like that this figure is really yawning and stretching.

    My hat's off to you.


    Thank you for attension, Polyvios Animations! Being glad to have helpful feedbacks. Yeah, some pieces of my drawing consits of choppy lines. I guess that's mainly because I iteratively erased and re-drew lines to create the pose. Compared with drawing with refs, it little bit harder to be confident about each line when doing without refs. Anyway I'll try to make more consistent lines. In addition to it, thank you for revision(proposal?). You talking about the middle one in 'first', right? I'll git it a try in some occasion.


    Theres something about using a thicker pencil/brush that makes the work look more professional and easier (at least for me), try using a thinner pencil (at least when cleaning up a little) so that it looks more detailed. When you replace the thick lines with thin, you might see more which places lack squish/strething, folds, subcutaneous muscle/bone details, etc. When we use thick lines a lot of smaller details like wrinkers and folds can be ignored becuase of the thick lines. I'm studying anatomy from Proko videos now, that should help alot on actually realistic body pieces coming together (like your leg in the third image has nice opposite curves gesture but obviously not very realistic)


    I love all of them. I can see weight and volume in each of the figures. There is energy in them. I like how you were able to play with the anatomy and create twisting poses that are believable. Your line work is flowy and alive. Your forms and anatomy tie everything together. You did a great job! If I have any suggestion to you, it would be to keep doing what you are already doing. Learn from observation, then play with the knowledge that you earned. With time and consistent practice -- as you probably already know-- your work will gradually get stronger and stronger.



    Thank you for reply! I'll use thinner blush in next try.

    And try to draw more expressive details, tho creating small wrinklings without refs is kinda difficult for me.


    Glad to have compliment, dude!

    It's really what I wanted to express that volumes and energy coinciding in the drawings. So really happy you felt it from them.

    I'm feeling this practice is really fun and working to enhance my skill of pose drawing, so I'm gonna keep doing.


    it looks awesome , continue what youre doing and add more intensity i suppose.


    Absolutely beautiful! I love the movement and the shapes and your style is just lovely! I like the heavy line work, it just flows very nicely!




    I'm pretty happy to have the impression!

    I'm gonna keep it up and try to improve and strengthen my art style!

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