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    I've jumped on this site just 4 days ago after reading about it in a blog. This is an awesome site to practice art. But there is a very mild err.

    I just feel the community here is not active. The study groups are empty. The critique answers come in one or more days. The posts are adjusted based on the reply time rather than the posted time, that's a problem.

    So just a little suggestion - lineofaction should make a sub or community in reddit or any other popular social media community.

    Benefits -

    Easy to make. No maintainence.

    Hassle free uploads of sketches for users.

    Users can interact freely discuss and give critiques fairly easily.

    Build presence in a larger audience through feed!


    If you've got other plans it's good too. I'm gonna use it to practice my art and ask critique here in a month or two either way.

    Get more practice photos

    Support us to remove this


    Yes I completely agree!!

    loa is a great website but I feel the community is extremely inactive.

    Reddit would be an especially good place for that sort of thing.

    I feel this could help many artists with finding good references to practice with.


    Sorry to pour some cold water on this... The staff here has a ton of experience in moderating Reddit subs, and have no interest in going that route again. The thing about Reddit that has interacted spectacularly with our mental health over the years is that Reddit is not just one website with a closed forum, it's a website with millions of open forums that everyone interacts with interchangeably -- it's more common for people to not know the rules of each individual forum that they interact with. You get a LOT of gross and inappropriate misbehavior, ESPECIALLY when nude models come into play, and it's nearly impossible to maintain a healthy community culture. Femme-presenting Reddit mods of active subs are subjected to death and SA and other threats on the daily when they remove people for violating sub rules, and we just can't go through that again.

    If you want critique on Reddit, you can already get critique on Reddit, but we don't feel that taking LoA-specific discussion off-site isn't going to help with discussion speed here in the way that, say, finally building an app might.


    Sorry to hear about that, I didn't know that death threats are this common. Really with so many NSFW subs around they choose an art sub to spread grossness and send death threats? Hypocrites.

    Then it's good enough that this site is working.

    Btw I don't think I'll get critiques on reddit for the practice of something which can look like a doodle.. lol. The subs there only focus on completed peices. And they might not understand 30 secs, 1min drawing etc, without getting an explanation individually.


    @Snoob: I moderate a subreddit focused on being a support community for people with a specific chronic illness, and I've had many horrible threats sent my way for simply deleting a topic, comment, or asking someone to cease being rude. There are awful people all over unfortunately, no matter the topic of the subreddit. :(


    @ Sanne That sounds really awful. This seems like a common problem for all the reddit mods. One might wonder how the website is even growing or sustaining even, without their developers team handling the problem.

    Well it sure as hell preventing the new users from joining. Like the users from this site.

    Though I doubt those people could do anything real with their throwaway accounts. I hope you stay safe and healthy.

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